Need suggestion on making a video of my coffee shop.

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Need suggestion on making a video of my coffee shop.

Postby Anncy546 » 04 Nov 2016, 02:39

Hey guys! I own a coffee shop and it's been almost a year now. Unexpectedly and may be cause of the magic of coffee, it's doing pretty well and I'm thinking of doing some big advertisement for it. I always wanted to have my own TV Commercial, but I'm not sure whether it's the right time or not. Since, I have no much experience on it, I've been asking my friends for suggestions and they suggested that I should wait another year to make a big leap on the advertisement. However, I want to make a video of our coffee shop and probably just post it on Facebook page and you tube for now. Just something on the interiors and to introduce our staffs. A very short one. How do you think I can make such a video? I've however managed to find this video production company and they seem pretty fine. But, I need more suggestions on how I can make it more interesting and attractive and include everything I need to cover within a short clip. Would really appreciate to hear some great ideas. Thanks in advance.
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