i lov refill my own nespresso capsule cup

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i lov refill my own nespresso capsule cup

Postby araya » 28 May 2011, 05:04

i met someone told me it is not convient if use refill one.
other friends agree and encourage me that one-use capsule is wasteful, expensive. recycle capsule is a good even green.
After all, every one has their own views.
My life is full of coffee, cafe, coffee product, factory...For me, i insist on my idea to refill.
I admit capsule machine is really a good invention. And Nespresso especially did great success on it.
Even now, i am trying to develop my own capsule machine, met many problems, fail again and again.
i dont wanna to fail any more. nespresso's powder is excelant, aroma.
now my staff and i also keep trying to make new better cups.
i belive if control powder and fill properly, i can make a good coffee like original Nespresso's.
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Re: i lov refill my own nespresso capsule cup

Postby ginga » 06 Jun 2011, 06:24

Are you seriously trying to develop your own capsule machine??? WOW
Are you a technician? What makes you make your own one?
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