the coffee test #1

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the coffee test #1

Postby Nicky » 08 Feb 2010, 06:57

This is a personality test. Pick your answers instinctively. There are no right or wrong answers.

Imagine yourself with a friend at a coffee bar. Your friend has just ordered a cappuccino, which you were thinking of ordering. So what would you do now?

A) "I'll have the same."
B) "Me too."
C) "Make that two."
D) "I'll have an ice tea." (Or any other completely different drink.)
E) "Cappuccino."

Pick your answer, then scroll down for what each statement means.

"I'll have the same."
You are a very easy going person. You rarely refuse your friends when they come to you for help. Occasionally, it may be more wise for you to say "NO" sometimes. This might save you from unnecessary trouble.

"Me too."
You are an indecisive person. And the reason for that might be
because you think more than others! Sometimes you should just go for it, otherwise, you might find yourself missing out on a lot of opportunities that would eventually lead you to success.

"Make that two."
You have a strong will. You want to be in control of others. Although you do not show this, you have a hidden desire to be better than everyone who surrounds you.

"I'll have an ice tea." (Or any other completely different drink.)
You are extremely competitive and not afraid to show it. You
will never settle for second best. However, you should be careful of your actions, as others may feel uncomfortable because of your stubborn nature to win at all costs.

Stubborn is the best word to describe you. You will not give in to anything once your mind is set. You live by your own rules, and damn the consequences. But to many people, you are just a hard-headed person with little consideration to others.
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Re: the coffee test #1

Postby helena » 09 Feb 2010, 02:48

Oh, I see you are in collusion with SancoPancho about the tests, Nicky! But, must admit it, it's always interesting to take them. I'm an "I'll have the same" person but I don't agree that I'm a very easy going one. I decided to order it before so why should I change my mind?!
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Re: the coffee test #1

Postby paulina12 » 25 Feb 2010, 03:43

I'm a cappuccino person, I guess. Though this test as any other isn't precise and no one should rely on it ;)
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Re: the coffee test #1

Postby CrazyBaby » 09 Mar 2010, 02:37

strange test! /:)
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Re: the coffee test #1

Postby SanchoPancho » 10 Mar 2010, 03:10

I do not agree with test's results
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