The Coffee Craving Test (#3)

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The Coffee Craving Test (#3)

Postby CrazyBaby » 24 Sep 2010, 00:44

Hi! lets pass new test =)
choose your pic and find out about yourself

PS to see the answers you must allocate the text
You Are Unique
You are vibrant and excited for each day. You like to mix things up a lot.
You get bored easily, and you're always on the hunt for new experiences.
Your friends would describe you as playful and full of zest. You look forward to every event and occasion.
You are restless sometimes. You need a little adventure to satisfy your wanderlust.

You Are Sweet
You approach the world with cheer and optimism. There is so much to be thankful for.
You are open to all sorts people, places, and things. You pride yourself on not being judgmental.
You love to form a true connection and bond with those around you. You are a people person.
You never stop caring about the world around you. You are devoted to helping others for life.

You Are Easygoing
You are just along for the ride, and you're happy to be a part of the world.
You think that life is pretty great, and you're looking to find the sweetest parts of it.
You like to surround yourself with friends and family. You feel happiest when you have a large support group.
You get a lot of joy from helping the people in your life. You always have some encouragement to share.

You Are Smart
You are a very direct person. You are proud of who you are, and you don't have anything to hide.
You believe in just going for it in life. You don't hold back.
You are a realist, but you're not a pessimist. By knowing the truth, you know how to fix it.
You accept reality, and you don't need distractions to be happy. You are content with how things are.

You Are Outspoken
You are a confident person who doesn't second guess big decisions. You trust yourself to know what's right.
You are happy to share your ideas about any subject. You don't mind expressing controversial opinions.
You know where you want to go and how you're going to get there. You are very goal directed.
You are extremely motivated and driven. People wonder where you get all your energy from.

You Are Charming
You walk into a room of strangers expecting them to like you... and you usually do.
You're outgoing and friendly. You embrace every opportunity to make a friend.
You are a natural entertainer, and sometimes you just end up with a circle of people around you.
People naturally are drawn to you, and you'd be lying if you said you didn't love the attention!
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Re: The Coffee Craving Test (#3)

Postby paula » 27 Sep 2010, 04:03

HI, CrazyBaby! Thank you for a new test. According to it, I'm unique :d
I always wonder how do they (psychologists) compose these tests? Why they think that the first picture means you are unique and the fourth - you're smart?
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Re: The Coffee Craving Test (#3)

Postby jesse » 28 Sep 2010, 03:14

According to your test, CrazyBaby, I'm an Easygoing person and I knew that before!
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Re: The Coffee Craving Test (#3)

Postby Nicky » 28 Sep 2010, 03:35

Im Outspoken ;;) ;;) it is pleasant
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Re: The Coffee Craving Test (#3)

Postby CoffeeLover » 30 Sep 2010, 03:22

Im Easygoing

it's true =)
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Re: The Coffee Craving Test (#3)

Postby SanchoPancho » 06 Oct 2010, 23:51

I found out the truth about myself! \m/
Wow! I need to show it to my boss :-b
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Re: The Coffee Craving Test (#3)

Postby killer666 » 26 Oct 2010, 23:57

Hey, Sancho =) what your boss told you? \m/
I saw all answers. :-? All of them are positive! :-w
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