Cold Coffee Float Made Easy

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Cold Coffee Float Made Easy

Postby HCafe » 26 Mar 2011, 05:05

A cup or two of hot coffee always saves my day. But sometimes, I feel like having it cold, so I walk to the kitchen and make cold coffee float. Here's a pretty simple cold coffee float recipe which I got from

1. 1 cup of fat free milk
2. ½ cup of ice cubes
3. 2 teaspoons of sugar
4. 1 teaspoon of any brand Instant Coffee Powder
5. 3 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
6. ½ teaspoon of Cocoa Powder

In a blender, combine milk,ice cubes, sugar, coffee powder and blend.
Pour it in a tall glass, and add 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream on the top.
Top it with sprinkles of cocoa powder.
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Re: Cold Coffee Float Made Easy

Postby jennyffer777 » 30 Mar 2011, 05:08

Nice recipe, thank you, HCafe. And I'd like back my words by deeds - here's a photo illustration to the recipe:
Coffee & Love Taste Best When Hot
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