Yummy Caribbean Coffee

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Yummy Caribbean Coffee

Postby MsCoffee » 21 Feb 2011, 22:46

When your in the mood for something a little different but you know it has to be coffee then try this awesome recipe. I didn't think I would like it when I read coconut as one of the ingredients but surprise, surprise I love this recipe.

Caribbean (hot) 8 servings

1 coconut
2 cups milk
4 cups strong coffee
1 tablespoon sugar

Punch two holes in to coconut, pour liquid into saucepan
Bake coconut for 30 minutes at 300 F degrees
Break open coconut, remove meat, and grate.
Mix coconut meat, coconut liquid, and milk in a sauce pan
Heat over low heat until creamy.
Toast grated coconut under broiler
Mix milk mixture, coffee, and sugar
Pour into mugs, garnish with toasted coconut.
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Re: Yummy Caribbean Coffee

Postby caffeineneeded » 24 Feb 2011, 05:40

This sounds delicious. I love coconut in my coffee. My sister in law introduced me to it a few years ago and I treat myself to coffee flavoring often now.
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