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Partly German

Postby cherry » 29 Mar 2010, 19:30

That is the reason behind attempting this coffee which I am not too sure if it came out 'right' or not. It was interesting to say the least but I wonder if anyone has tried something similar?

The recipe I found online only gave the tid bits but nothing else that I could find:

1/2 oz Kirschwasser cherry brandy
5 oz hot black coffee
1 1/2 oz whipped cream
1 tsp sugar
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Re: Partly German

Postby paula » 19 Apr 2010, 06:00

Hi Cherry!
I have found several recipes with this brandy, so yummy ...., hope to taste them one day ;)

Kirsch Cuba Libre
1½ oz. Kirschwasser cherry brandy
5 oz. chilled Coca Cola
juice from 1/2 of a lime.

Squeeze the lime juice into a Collins glass and then drop the remaining shell. Add ice and pour in the Kirschwasser first, followed by the Coca Cola.

Black Forest
30 ml. crème de cacao
30 ml. cherry liqueur
30 ml. Kirschwasser cherry brandy
30 ml. cream.

Shake ingredients and then pour into a glass. Add a bit more cream and a cherry on top to serve.

Mile Highball
2 oz. melon liqueur
1 tbsp. Kirschwasser cherry brandy
5 oz. sparkling bitter lemon soda.

Pour each liquid (in the order listed above) into a highball glass filled with ice and add a lemon twist if desired.

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Re: Partly German

Postby paul77 » 21 Apr 2010, 03:08

Hi cherry! As far as I understand, you have some German roots, am I right? I'm not a German but Kirschwasser is one of my favorite brandies, to be sincere. I have never tried preparing one of those recipes but will definitely do this in the near future, be sure ;)
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